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IT Security Consultancy

G-Cloud Accreditation and PSN Connection

We provide expert consultancy advice to public sector clients and to private sector service providers to enable them to gain connection to the Public Services Network (PSN) and to gain Accreditation for G-Cloud services.

Accreditation of PSN and G-Cloud services follows the same pattern and is subject to the same policy as all public sector IT system accreditation.  Accreditation requirements are similar, if not identical, for different systems so our experience of successful previous accreditations enables us to provide pragmatic security advice that reduces the accreditation risk.

The services we provide include:

  • The development of documentation for PSN and G-Cloud accreditation
  • Development of risk assessments in accordance with HMG requirements
  • Development of security architectures and the provision of expert security advice to meet G-Cloud and PSN requirements
  • The development of Risk Management and Accreditation Documentation Sets (RMADS and RMARD)
  • The implementation and audit of ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems - a key requirement for G-Cloud Accreditation
  • The development and implementation of specific policies meeting HMG requirements such as policies for cryptography, protective monitoring, incident management and IT and media disposal
  • The development of Privacy Impact Assessments meeting the Information Commissioner's guidelines to inform the legal, security and data handling requirements for the processing of personal data as well as the development of Data Protection policies and procedures

We are thoroughly familiar with both the requirements of the Security Policy Framework (SPF), and its application to PSN connection and G-Cloud Accreditation.  We have also worked extensively for both NHS clients and for information system providers to the NHS and police forces so we understand the particular accreditation requirements of such organisations.